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Iranian media outlets highlight Qatari AL statements

Wed, Sep. 13, 2017
CAIRO – 13 September 2017: Iranian media outlets highlighted statements of the Qatari representative at the Arab League (AL) Sultan bin Saad Al-Marekhi who described Iran as an “honorable country.”

During the Arab League meeting held on Tuesday on the level of Arab foreign ministries, Marekhi clarified that Iran proved it as an honorable country when it did not ask about the reopening of Qatar’s embassy there. Qatar had closed its embassy in solidarity with Saudi Arabia.

Marekhi’s statements were circulated by official and non-official Iranian media outlets, highlighting his praise of Iran. Fars News Agency said that a quarrel took place during the meeting of Arab foreign ministers on Tuesday between representatives of Qatar and Saudi Arabia on Iran.

Qatar developed its suspicious relations with Iran, especially after the Qatari-Gulf crisis, when Iran made use of the situation to develop its economic, commercial and strategic interests in the Gulf region.

Qatari, Saudi oppositions criticize Marekhi statements at AL:

The anti-terrorism Arab quartet (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and U.A.E.) slammed their rival Qatar at the AL meeting, revealing its foreign policy scandals. Meanwhile, Qatari opposition and Saudi activists take to the social media platforms criticizing Al-Marekhi statements, while experts stressed that Arab League must impose sanctions on Qatar, in case the emirate continues to support terrorist groups.

On his Twitter account, Qatari activist Rashed Al-Morri praised Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry’s strong rebuttal of the Qatari representative’s statement, saying that while Saudi Arabia is fighting terrorism, the Qatari opposition is fighting [Qatari Emir] Tamim [bin Hamad Al-Thani]’s polities.”

Meanwhile, Saudi military expert Ibrahim Al-Maraey denounced the Qatari representative statements to Iran, asking him to review Iran’s stance toward Syria and crimes Qatar committed there.

Moreover, Qatari activist Himyan Al-Quary accused Tamim, via a post on Twitter, of being responsible for the emigration of a number of Qatari experts during his rule, adding that those experts were qualified to have helped in developing Qatar.

On Tuesday, the Arab League (AL) meeting was held ahead of the activities of the 148th session of the AL council at the ministerial level, which was held to discuss the progress of joint Arab action.

The delegate of the emirate of Qatar reportedly fussed over the Arab League’s alleged negligence of the Syrian crisis, which was already discussed during the AL’s preparatory meetings held Monday evening.

Saudi Arabia’s delegates were opposed to the Qatari delegate’s inappropriate manner of speaking when it described Iran as an honorable country.

The foreign ministers' meeting took up consultations on items referred by the AL council with regards to upgrading the AL and appointing a new undersecretary for Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

Also, the meeting tackled the latest developments of the regional crises and Arab efforts aimed at putting an end to Israeli interference in the African continent.
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