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'Tis the Season with more hits

Tue, Dec. 19, 2017
Last Cftristmas

This one is an impressive, and quite enjoyable, song by English pop legends Wham. Released in 1984, the ines- capable holiday favorite about love and friendship is the 10th most downloaded holiday song in history according to Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan, and played nonstop last year when lead singer George Michael passed away on Christmas day.

It is tfte Beginning to Looft a Lot Lifte Cftristmas

Portraying the perfect scene of a home hosting a Christ- mas party, the song captured a detailed picture of children enjoying their new toys, Christmas trees and the season’s clothes. It was written and composed by the American com- poser Meredith Willson in 1951 and has been covered by many singers, including Perry Como.

Blue Cftristmas

A classic rock and roll hit released by the legendary Elvis Presley, this is a mixture of country music and the blues and is all positivity and joy. The song was originally released on Presley’s first Christmas album Elvis’ Christmas Album.

Lonely tftis Cftristmas

Another song about separation, Lonely this Christmas was originally released
by the glam rock legends Mud in 1974 but has since been covered by several oth-
er artists. The song is about a lonely Christmas after be- ing separated from a loved one.

So Tftis Is Cftrist- mas

One of the best- loved Christmas songs, this track symbolizes the in- ner struggle be- tween New Year’s hopes and wishes versus the reality of what was actuall yachieved. It is originally composed by the legendary John Lennon, and was covered by crooner Celine Dion. The sounds of bass with acoustic guitars intermingled with beats of the triangle creates a contradictory atmo-sphere between black and white, warmth and cold, and joy and sorrow.

Merry Cftristmas, Darling

This could be one of the most underrated Christmas songs, though it is a real romantic classic. The song was released in 1966 by the Carpenters and is full of beautiful vibes and Christmas symbols. The impressive saxophone solo adds to the catchy jazz tune.

Cftristmas Eve

This one is a metal cover of the classic Christmas Eve, re- leased by leading heavy-metal band Savatage. It was released on Savatage’s Christmas Eve and Other Stories album with Trans-Siberian Orchestra in 1996. The song sets an epic musical atmosphere delivered through symphonic instru- ments and the powerful tunes of guitars.

Tfte Cftristmas Spirit

A song by Johnny Cash, one of the most influential art- ists in the 20th century, this Christmas spirit track is high- ly spiritual and takes the form of a poem. The track was released as part of Cash’s first Christmas album Christmas Spirit in 1963.


Bayt Laftem and Saftret Eid (Cftristmas Nigftt)

Majida El Roumi’s classic, warm voice is another Christ- mas favorite, and these two songs are no different. Released in 2013, Bayt Lahem is a slow, instrumental hymn that is heavily reliant on the violin and string instruments. Sahret Eid is another orchestral song by El Roumi and both songs are part of her Christmas album Nour men Nour (Light Born of Light).

Haat Aftlamna Ya Baba Noel (Santa Clause, Grant Us Our Dreams)

Egyptian singer Moustafa Amar, actor Hassan Kamy and singer and actress and performer Nelly are certainly a rare combination, but the trio pulled off what became an Egyp- tian childhood classic for the holiday season. It narrates the dreams of a man who seeks to meet his imaginary lover on Christmas night.

El Yawm Lailet Eid El Milad (Today Is tfte Cftristmas Nigftt)

The soundtrackof the Leba- nese film Rehlet Baba Noel (Santa Claus’s Journey), the song is about chil-dren who are waiting for Santa Claus to bring them gifts. The tunes are similar to the classic Christmas song Jingle Bells but with an oriental twist that features happy trumpet tunes, violin and flute.

Lailet Eid, Kona Nezayen Sftajara Sgftira and Talj, Talj

We’ve already mentioned these off Fayrouz’s album, but can’t really drop them from the list of Arabic Christmas tunes as they’ve become synonymous with the season in the region.

Jayi Papa Noel

An upbeat, happy and quite cutesy Christmas song call- ing on Santa Claus, this song was released in 1992 from the album Pascal Sings Christmas by Pascal Sakr and the musical genius Elias Rahbani.
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