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Egypt welcomes UNHRC approval of bill on family role in society

Fri, Jun. 30, 2017
GENEVA - 30 June 2017: Egypt's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Amr Ramadan welcomed on Friday the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)'s approval of a bill on preserving family as a cornerstone in societies.

During its 35th session, the UNHRC passed the bill which was submitted by Egypt, in cooperation with other countries such as Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Bangladesh and Uganda.

Thirty countries voted for the bill, 12 voted against it, while five members states abstained, Ramadan said.

The 12 countries which voted against the draft resolution are the EU countries, Switzerland, the U.S., Albania and Japan, where it is seen that preserving the concept of family contradicts homosexuals' rights, he added.
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