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Social Solidarity, employment website partner to end poverty

Tue, Jun. 13, 2017
CAIRO – 13 June 2017: The Ministry of Social Solidarity’s “Forsa” (opportunity) program agreed to partner with employment website Shaghalny (Hire me) to help poor families find stable employment opportunities and fixed incomes, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

The ministry launched Forsa as a subset of the monetary subsidies program Takafol wa Karama (Solidarity and Dignity). Forsa was planned for a year to give the children of the families enrolled in Takafol wa Karama program an opportunity to eventually get jobs by not dropping out of school. However, it developed into a program designed to “help these families break out of the “poverty trap by having fixed incomes and stable employment,” Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

For that purpose, the ministry took its first step by signing an agreement with Shaghalny.

Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Waly said in a Monday statement that the pillars of the ministry’s framework are care, protection and social development, and that the target beneficiaries are women, youth and families.

The ministry’s goal of connecting the unemployed to potential employers aligns with Shaghalny’s mission of helping users find adequate job opportunities. The ministry brings together individuals enrolled in the Takafol wa Karama program with Shaghalny representatives.

Shaghalny’s managing director Omar Khalifa said, “Forsa aims to encourage youth across Egypt to register on the website and add their fields of specialty and data,” according to Al-Masry Al-Youm.

There would be “a great chance” that their qualifications would meet the needs of the 4,000 companies registered on the website, he added.
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