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Terrorist operations forbidden by Islam: Dar al-Iftaa

Wed, Feb. 20, 2019
CAIRO – 20 February 2019: Dar al-Iftaa confirmed on its official Facebook page Wednesday that terrorist operations and bombings violate the sanctity of lives and property, thereby committing such attacks is “haram”, or forbidden.

The post tackled some of the Quranic verses that the extremists choose to ignore, which show that murdering innocent people and attacking places of worship are absolutely forbidden in Islam.

Also, Magdy Ashour, an adviser to the Grand Mufti, called for disseminating the moderate teachings of Islam and its values of love, tolerance, mercy and peace.

Ashour noted that Dar el Iftaa will organize training sessions for imams and preachers to hone their skills on means of confronting extremist thought.

The teachings of Islam also tell us that good will prevail by the will of God, and so it shall, especially with Egypt’s righteous sons risking their lives for the right of us all to live peacefully in mercy and justice.

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