FILE: Cairo International Airport FILE: Cairo International Airport

22 Egyptians deported from US, Italy for breaching regulations

Sat, Feb. 16, 2019
CAIRO – 16 February 2019: Twenty-two Egyptians were deported from the United States and Italy due to breaching regulations of residence and employment, according to Cairo international Airport.

In a Friday statement, the Airport authorities announced that the 22 Egyptians arrived home, as other legal procedures are expected to be taken against them.

The Egyptians faced several accusations before being deported including violating the terms of residence and employment along with illegal immigration especially to Italy.

Last October, Kuwait's criminal investigation officers arrested three Egyptians for stealing the data of around one million citizens to illegally sell them.

The Kuwaiti newspaper referred that flash memories containing the data of 1.8 million citizens and residents were seized, including data about the citizens' homes, addresses, phone numbers and work.

The criminal investigation officers were informed that an Egyptian sold the data of around one million citizens and residents in return of 220 KWD.

The investigations revealed that two other Egyptians were involved and that one of them used his position at the Ministry of Interior to steal the personal data of citizens. He made many copies and began to sell them in the black market.

The number of Egyptian expats around the world is numbered at 9.5 million, with 6 million working in Arab states, according to statistics provided by CAPMAS in 2017.
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