Gamal Mubarak with retired footballer Mohamed Zidan (in the middle) – Facebook photo Gamal Mubarak with retired footballer Mohamed Zidan (in the middle) – Facebook photo

Mubarak’s sons spotted in public with football legends

Sat, Jun. 3, 2017
CAIRO – 2 June 2017: New photos of the sons of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Gamal and Alaa, were circulated on social media Friday, stirring controversy about their frequent public appearances since they were released from jail in 2015.

The Mubarak brothers were spotted playing football with a number of famous retired Egyptian players including Mohamed Zidan, Hisham Hanafy and others at a popular sports ground in Cairo.

Both brothers have been seen frequently in public places such as low-profile restaurants and coffee shops, as well as attending funerals of public figures without bodyguards or special security measures.

Some media reports suggested that Gamal and Alaa seek to increase their popularity by courting the favor of working class people through their appearances in poor neighborhoods, with the ulterior aim of a return to the political scene. These claims come despite the terms of Law 73 for 1956 on the Exercising of Political Rights that stipulates that those sentenced to imprisonment in relation to theft shall be prohibited from running in general elections or engagement in political activities.

Following the January 25 revolution that toppled Mubarak’s regime, Gamal and Alaa were accused of several charges related to the unlawful killing of protesters and using their political positions for personal benefit. However, they were acquitted from all accusations except the embezzlement of state funds for which both brothers were sentenced to three years in prison.
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