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Ibrahim Seada passes away Dec. 12

Thu, Dec. 13, 2018
CAIRO – 13 December 2018: Veteran journalist and writer Ibrahim Seada passed away Dec. 12 after a long struggle with illness. The late journalist has numerous enriching journalistic contributions.

The late journalist was born on Nov. 3, 1937 in Port Said. He worked with numerous giants in the field of journalism, such as Mustafa Rushdi, Galal Aref and Sarhan in El Shate’e magazine (the beach).

Being a passionate journalist by nature, Seada worked as a reporter for numerous magazines such as “el-fan” (arts) and “al-Garima” (the crime) before completing his bachelors.

The late veteran journalist travelled to Switzerland to acquire a bachelor’s degree in political economics. He lived twelve years in Europe during which he welcomed working as a reporter for Egyptian news outlets.

The late writer was appointed editor-in- chief of “Akhbar el youm” national newspaper by late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. He was the youngest journalist to hold such a position.

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