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Arab Parliament urges French authorities to exercise self-restraint in dealing with protesters

Wed, Dec. 12, 2018
CAIRO, Dec 12 (MENA) - The Arab Parliament urged on Wednesday the French authorities to exercise self-restraint in dealing with yellow-vest protesters and abstain from the use of excessive force.

In a statement about the status of human rights in the European continent and the protest wave across France, the parliament urged the French authorities to guarantee the right of peaceful protest and meet the requests of protesters.

It also called on the French government to take all measures to guarantee the safety of protesters and media representatives and set free all protesters.

The rising cost of gasoline and diesel fuel sparked protests in France on November 17 that have since evolved into broader demonstrations against Emmanuel Macron's government.

The protesters, known as the "gilets jaunes," take their name from the high-visibility yellow vests that drivers are required to keep in their vehicles for safety reasons.

The parliament expressed concern over the excessive use of force by French police against protesters that left 700 people wounded and more than 1,500 others arrested.

It underlined the importance that countries respect human rights and public freedoms and take all measures to protect the dignity of citizens and their freedoms.
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