The official WYF Facebook page published top quotes by keynote speakers throughout the various events and sessions of the forum. The official WYF Facebook page published top quotes by keynote speakers throughout the various events and sessions of the forum.

2018 WYF keynote speeches highlighted

Mon, Nov. 5, 2018
CAIRO – 5 November 2018: Organized and initiated solely by promising Egyptian youths to send a message of peace, prosperity, harmony and progress to the entire world, the 2018 edition of the World Youth Forum (WYF) kicked off under the generous auspices of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

Over two editions, managing to achieve outstanding results and aims, the event engages youth from around the world to participate in an enriching environment, allowing them to exchange views, ideas and initiatives with determination to make our world a better place for everyone.

The official WYF Facebook page published top quotes by keynote speakers throughout the various events and sessions of the forum.

Rasha Tantawy, head of Entrepreneurship at Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), "The World Bank announced that Egypt jumped 8 ranks up in the ease of doing business index.”

Valentina Primo, founder and CEO of startups without borders, “Entrepreneurs are changing the world.”

Patrik Wincent therapist and lecturer and TV host, "Addiction of video-gaming has physical, mental and social impact on video gamers.”

Zack Dychtwald founder CEO and head of research young china group, "51 percent of E-Gamers around the world are playing through mobile phones.”

Samer Wagdy founder and director of Gbarena e-sport, “156 million persons around the globe are involved in esport now a days.”

Christian DusseyGCSP Director, “We should emphasize reverse mentoring through listening to youth.”

Minister for Presidency Affairs of Lebanon Pierre Raffoul, “The true wealth of nations is youth.. Empoweing them is key in rebuilding societies and states.”

Special Envoy Ghassan Salama, ““The UN return to Tripoli was the pretext of the recent UN-mediated ceasefire agreements reached in September.”

Staffan de Mistura, UN Special Envoy for Syria, “"Prevention is key in addressing conflicts...It's very easy to start a war and very hard to end it.”

Osama A. Jannadi, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Jeddah’s University of Business and Technology, “The real disability is the disability of a society to accommodate and integrate all its members.”

Pausanias Papageorgiou, Representative of the Greek Prime Minister and Secretary General of the Greek Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs, “Youth and Migration policies should be intertwined and cannot be tackled separately.”

Ambassador Ivan Surkos, head of the European Union Delegation to Egypt, “In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Minya, I would like to express the solidarity and support of the EU to Egypt in its fight against terrorism and extremism.”

Ambassador Nasser Kamel, Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean, “The Union for the Mediterranean is an extension for the Barcelona Process that seeks to achieve cooperation between the two banks of the Mediterranean.”

Ahmed El Alfi, founder and chairman of the Greek Campus and cofounder of Flat6Labs, "Tech companies are the best export companies as people are the only raw material they need.”

Susan Amat, CEO and founder of Venture Hive, "Globally focused startups grow faster.”

Sandile Shabangu, Founder of Mzansi, "Africa can be the hub of Start-ups, this continent has all the needed opportunities.”

David Hanson, founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics, USA, "Artificial intelligence is an outcome of merging different fields of science.”

Daniel Susskind, Fellow in economics - Oxford University, "Artificial Intelligence doesn't need to mimic the human reason, but rather help it to perform differently and beyond.”

Ahmed Rashad Riad, International Telecommunication Union, "With Artificial Intelligence and digitalization, we are moving towards a shared centralized global economy.”

Jaha Dukureh, UN Women Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Africa, “If Africa is serious about Agenda 2063, education for girls must be a right, not a privilege.”

Benedict Okey Oramah, President of the African Export-Import Bank, “We are pleased to host the 1st Intra-African Trade Fair in Cairo in December 2018.”

Günter Nooke, Personal Representative of the German Chancellor for Africa “The African Continental Free Trade Area will not only boost trade, but attract investments for more production in Africa.”

Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, “Under the Egyptian presidency of the African Union, we seek to intensify our efforts with our partners in the African continent, to implement the pillars of Agenda 2063.”

Otuto Amarauche - associate fellow of royal commonwealth society, "Young generations should be aware of the Africa agenda 2063, they should be educated and have knowledge of the 7 pillars that are the main objectives for our future, they should be the one empowered to actually implement the agenda, we need them to take the lead.”

Inas Abdeldayem - Egypt's Minister of Culture, “Throughout Egypt's history, culture and arts have always been the Egyptian's moral capital.”

Mohamed Khairat is the Founder and Chief Editor of "Egyptian Streets" Magazine. He founded it in 2012, when he was just 21 years old and built it into one of the most important magazines in Egypt.

Zondwa Mandela, the grandson of Nelson Mandela, is here to talk about and inspire us with his family's legacy of peace, "I am here to encourage you not to limit the scope or scale of your dreams."

Rwanda minister of sports Rosemanry Mbabezi, "Dialogue is key to build and sustain peace, and without communication, conflicts pile up.”

The World Youth Forum kicked off with the participation of around 5000 young people of 163 nationalities, hosting numerous renowned figures, leaders and intellectuals from around the world.

"Say no to discrimination... no to religious extremism," President Sisi said during the forum.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi speaking at the inauguration of the 2018 edition of the World Youth Forum

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