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FM warns against fake free-work-visas

Thu, Sep. 13, 2018
CAIRO – 13 September 2018: Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Egyptians not to be deceived by the fake free visas promoted by overseas employment offices, claiming that these visas allow expats to travel and find work.

According to a statement issued on Thursday, the ministry affirmed that such visas do not exist at all, which means that traveling through obtaining this visa, puts Egyptian expats at the risk of jail and deportation.

“Along with losing money and facing the danger of being jailed or deported, these visas are not valid for finding work abroad. Only overseas employment offices affiliated with the Manpower Ministry issue eligible papers and visas,” the statement read.

This is, however, not the first time for Egypt’s government to warn against obtaining fake visas promoted by employment companies and offices. It was announced last August by the Ministry of Manpower that a similar kind of visas, called one-year free residence visas, was promoted by these companies in order to defraud citizens and steal their money, especially in Lebanon.

The Manpower Ministry's statement explained that several ads spread on social media called on Egyptians to apply for one-year free residence visas to Lebanon. The offer was available for all professions and all education levels in order to provide the travelers with jobs in Beirut.

These ads turned to be fake, according to the ministry, and only wanted to use citizens and steal their money.

Egypt's Ministry of Manpower has been following up on the latest updates regarding Egyptians working abroad, as several assaulting incidents took place during the past period.

On July 18, two assault incidents for Egyptian expats in Kuwait and Italy were being investigated by Egypt’s authorities.

In Kuwait, an Egyptian citizen named Ahmed Fayez Hassan was reportedly assaulted by a Kuwaiti soldier. A video of the accident went viral on social media and caused a lot of controversy among social media users; the government launched an investigation and found that the assault took place in a cell phone shop.

In Italy, another fight took place between two Egyptian expats, in which one of them set himself on fire in a suicide attempt. The Egyptian expat was hospitalized and the investigation is still underway.

Similar incidents for Egyptians working aboard frequently take place. In December 2017, three Egyptian expats were assaulted in three different Arab countries.

The first incident took place in Kuwait when an Egyptian expatriate was attacked by a Kuwaiti citizen due to a dispute over motorcycle reparation. The Egyptian man was seriously injured and taken to hospital. Ten days later, another Egyptian citizen working in Saudi Arabia was stabbed by four Saudi youths.

The third incident occurred in the same month, when an Egyptian expatriate in Jordan was injured after a financial dispute erupted between him and a Jordanian citizen which resulted in causing a fracture in his skull.
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