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Media Center denies rumors on education, health, employment

Wed, Sep. 5, 2018
CAIRO – 5 September 2018: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi warned against false news, saying that seven rumors had been published over eight days, and that the Media Center denied on Tuesday the false news related to education, health and employment.


The Central Authority for Organization and Administration (CAOA) denied halting the promotion to leadership positions in the administrative apparatus of the state and said the promotion committees continue to operate normally and have not stopped in any governmental entity at all.


The Ministry of Education denied circulating the first grade's English book of the new education system and confirmed that the books of the new system of education are still being printed.

The minister of Education denied canceling the three-day study of kindergartens and said the decision has been implemented and will be applied exactly as it is during the new school year.

The Ministry of Education also denied announcing a new competition for the appointment of 40,000 teachers.


The Ministry of Health denied the outbreak of Virus (C) in Beni Suef.

The Ministry of Agriculture denied reports of poisoned tomatoes and asserted the quality and safety of the tomato crop in the markets, according to the Information Center of the Council of Ministers.

The Ministry of supply denied that dogs' meat was seized in Minya governorate and affirmed that 151 kilograms of meat, slaughtered outside the abattoir, expired in a restaurant.

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