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Al Azhar, Youth and Sports Min. launch daawa, relief convoy to Sinai Monday

Sun, Sep. 2, 2018
CAIRO - 2 September 2018: Al Azhar and the Ministry of Youth and Sports will launch on Monday a seven-day daawa (call), medical and relief convoy to North Sinai comprising a number of Al Azhar scholars and members of the Islamic Research Complex, 23 physicians of various subspecialities and researchers.

The convoy, to be launched from the World Association for Al Azhar Graduates headquarters, includes a training program for 75 young males and females from Sinai tribes and the distribution of relief aid and clothes to poor families in the governorate.

The convoy aims to spread the spirit of mercy and helpfulness as part of Al Azhar's methodology in cooperation with the state institutions, according to Deputy Chairman of the Association Ossama Yassin in statements on Sunday.
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