FILE: Mohamed Saafan, Egypt's Minister of Manpower FILE: Mohamed Saafan, Egypt's Minister of Manpower

Egyptian labor ‘required’ abroad: Ministry of Labor

Sat, Sep. 1, 2018

CAIRO – 1 September 2018: The Egyptian government denied reports claiming that the number of Egyptian workers abroad has been declining due to “deficiency in work.”

“The Egyptian worker is required abroad. There is a reasonable demand for Egyptian labor because of their commitment and efficiency,” the Ministry of Labor Force said in statement on Wednesday, asserting that circulating reports about the decline in Egyptian labor abroad are “incorrect.”

“Arab countries always prefer Egyptian workers, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council states,” the ministry added.

There are currently 5 million Egyptian laborers with work permits, the ministry mentioned, adding that a total of 95,471 contracts have been signed with Egyptian workers for many countries in the first quarter of 2018 (January-March).

Saudi Arabia is the first state in the world to acquire the largest number of Egyptian labor; there are 2.9 million Egyptians working there. About 1.6 million Egyptian workers are working in private sector.

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