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Azhar, Brazil discuss cooperation means to face extremism

Thu, Aug. 9, 2018
CAIRO - 9 August 2018: Undersecretary of Al Azhar Abbas Shouman reviewed with Brazil's Political Affairs Minister Carlos Marun aspects of cooperation between Azhar and the Brazilian institutions along with posting Brazil on Al Azhar role.

This came during a meeting on the sidelines of Shouman's visit to Brazil.

In a statement issued by Al Azhar on Thursday, Shouman asserted full appreciation of Brazil where Muslims live freely, adding that Islam is the religion of peace.

Cooperation will help in removing misunderstanding, Shouman said, urging the media means to contribute to spreading the moderate image of Islam.

Al Azhar is ready to support the Islamic institutions which are supported by the Brazilian government, he said.

Meanwhile, Marun lauded the role of Al Azhar, asserting the importance of cooperation to eradicate fanaticism that spread recently against the Muslims in Brazil.

The visit of Shouman to Brazil will be a strong beginning to open vistas of cooperation with Egypt, Marun said.
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