An Egyptian farmer irrigates his land - REUTERS An Egyptian farmer irrigates his land - REUTERS

8 emergency centers ready to face water shortage in summer

Mon, May. 22, 2017
CAIRO – 22 May 2017: Dr. Mustafa Abu Zeid, head of the Department of Mechanics and Electricity of the Ministry of Irrigation, asserted that all departments are now ready to welcome the summer season.

He pointed out that there are 8 emergency centers nationwide, equipped with mobile electric and diesel pumps’ units to face any emergency in water shortage.

Abu Zeid added that these centers will be used in the maximum needs to provide the ends of the water canals, or mixing work, confirming that it is supported with power generators to be used in case of power outages, heavy equipment and winches for the transfer, dismantling and installation of the units.

A well-trained team should interfere to solve urgent problems and errors, Abu Zeid noted. Moreover, the Ministry of Irrigation declared the highest alter level to get ready for the “maximum needs" season, and to ensure the provision of water for users, especially during that rice cultivation period.

It’s noteworthy that the Egyptian population increases by one million every six months, according to a June 2016 CAPMAS report.
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