FILE - Minister of Planning Hala El-Said FILE - Minister of Planning Hala El-Said

Youth main wealth of Egypt: Planning Min.

Sun, Jul. 29, 2018
CAIRO – 28 July 2018: Egypt's Planning, Follow-up & Administrative Reform Minister, Hala El-Said said on Thursday that Egyptian youth is the main wealth of Egypt and its future.

El-Said took part in the sixthedition of the National Youth Conference (NYC) which kicked off early Saturday at Cairo University, where President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is set to meet with young citizens to answer their questions, as part of his initiative “Ask the President”.

Egypt’s top priorityis investing human capital throughout investing in education and health as well as capacity in building and training, El-Said said pointing that Egypt is fortunate to have 60 percent of its population under the age of 30.

El-Said stated that young people should exert all their efforts at the economic, social or environmental level because that is their future; she added that "Young people must be actively involved with the government and civil society. Their participation makes our future better.”

Up to 3,000 young men and women attended the event. This is the first youth conference for President Sisi in his second term in the office, where he will answer up to 600 questions of the youth, and will honor the achievement of a number of students and other young alumnus. The session includes a panel discussion by a number of young members in different political parties.

The previous government worked on stabilizing the country. Currently, we are working on human development as that would help in eliminating conditions favorable for extremism, Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouly said.
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