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Egyptian assaulted in Kuwait, another sets himself on fire in Italy

Wed, Jul. 18, 2018
CAIRO – 18 July 2018: Two assault incidents for Egyptian expats in Kuwait and Italy are being investigated by Egypt’s Ministry of Manpower, according to official statements issued on Wednesday, July 18.

In Kuwait, an Egyptian citizen named Ahmed Fayez Hassan was reportedly assaulted by a Kuwaiti soldier. A video of the accident went viral on social media and caused a lot of controversy among social media users; the government launched an investigation and found that the assault took place last Sunday in one of the cell phone shops.

The statement added that the incident started when a Kuwaiti woman came to the shop, where the Egyptian expat is working, and asked him to repair her cell phone. After getting all the work done, the woman did not have enough money to pay for the service she already received, so she gave him (the Egyptian worker) only half of the required amount of money, and asked him to keep her ID until she pays the rest of the required amount. The Egyptian worker refused, saying that he is not authorized to accept her offer, “I just work here,” he explained.

The Egyptian citizen had to call the police and the woman called her brother- the soldier. When the brother arrived to the shop, he assaulted the Egyptian worker according to his claims.

Minister Mohamed Saafan commented on the incident, saying that the investigations are underway, and that if the Egyptian citizen's claims are true, he will get all his rights. “Kuwait is a country which respects law, and no one will be wronged,” he added.

In Italy, another fight took place between two Egyptian expats, in which one of them set himself on fire in a suicide attempt. The Egyptian expat was hospitalized and the investigation is still underway.

Similar incidents for Egyptians working aboard frequently take place. Last February An Egyptian teacher, based in Kuwait for almost 13 years, faced allegations of rebuking a Kuwaiti nine-year old child, leading to his death. However, this was not the full truth.

Eissa al-Baloushy was a child with a special health condition, who suffered from heart problems. According to the Egyptian teacher’s story, one day before Baloushy’s death, Egyptian Naglaa Mohamed went to her class as usual, but she found it in chaos, which forced her to act firmly to control the class.

“Everyone responded and sat quietly except for Baloushy. I tried to be more assertive with him but he refused to obey and went straight to deputy director of the school who then called for me,” Mohamed said. She added that as they were talking in the deputy director’s office, the child started to deny her side of the story, calling her a "liar". She felt shocked and asked him if he could say a similar thing to his mother.

Baloushy’s mother came to school on the following day, but the child didn’t. She argued with the Egyptian teacher, claiming that she used violence against him and pushed him to the wall which made him feel bad. “I will issue a formal complaint against you at the Education Ministry,” the mother said, refusing to listen to any other testimonials from the school staff.

The fight between the two sides escalated when the child died several hours later.

Egyptian teacher faces allegations of abusing 9-yr old child

CAIRO - 15 February 2018: An Egyptian teacher, based in Kuwait for almost 13 years, is facing allegations of rebuking a Kuwaiti nine-year old child, leading to his death. However, this is not the full truth.

In December 2017, three Egyptian expats were assaulted in three different Arab countries.

The first incident took place in Kuwait when an Egyptian expatriate was attacked by a Kuwaiti citizen due to a dispute over motorcycle reparation. The Egyptian man was seriously injured and taken to hospital. Ten days later, another Egyptian citizen working in Saudi Arabia was stabbed with a knife by four Saudi youths.

The third incident occurred in the same month, when an Egyptian expatriate in Jordan was injured after clashes erupted between him and a Jordanian citizen over a financial dispute which resulted in causing a fracture in his skull.

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