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Applications for Japanese schools open in days: Education Min.

Fri, Jun. 22, 2018
CAIRO – 22 June 2018: Egypt’s Ministry of Education announced that student applications to Egyptian-Japanese schools will be activated within days online though the Ministry’s website. It was added that the link that was posted on the website on Thursday night is just a demo in preparation for the official opening announcement.

Minister of Education and Technical Education Tarek Shawki said in statements to media outlets on Thursday that the new Japanese education system, Tokkatsu is a new especial experience for students and teachers as well. He affirmed that the new system will help build students’ characters and personalities.

The new schools’ criteria and conditions were announced by the ministry on its website. Shawki demanded that students’ parents read it and be fully aware of the new school system in order to help the students adapt with it at home.

Japanese Tokkatsu education system: What you need to know

CAIRO - 28 April 2018: Egypt's Ministry of Education will choose teachers soon to be trained in the Japanese education system, Tokkatsu, which will be applied at 40 Egyptian-Japanese schools in different governorates in September, sources inside the ministry told Egypt Today.

The Japanese education system, Tokkatsu, is supposed to be applied in 40 Egyptian-Japanese schools in different governorates in September. A total of 20,000 teachers have applied to the ministry for training in the Japanese Tokkatsu education system.

Tokkastu is an educational system known in Japan that develops all of the students’ skills, focusing on creativity and thinking rather than memorization and indoctrination.

The activities of the system allow students to practice teamwork and collaborate with colleagues to reach goals. Tokkatsu is applied to students within a class of no more than 40 students.

Activities are also aimed at building personality, teamwork skills, a sense of belonging, hygiene values, self-esteem, responsibility and thinking.

First Arabic citation index worldwide to be launched in Egypt

CAIRO - 29 May 2018: The Ministry of Education has taken several steps to enhance education in Egypt, which is part of Egypt's 2030 vision to cultivate economic and social justice and reviving the role of Egypt in regional leadership. Launching the first Arabic Citation Index (ARCI) worldwide comes at the top of these efforts.

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