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Policeman sentenced to 5 years in prison over harassing housewife

Wed, Jun. 20, 2018
CAIRO – 20 June 2018: Zagazig Criminal Court in Al-Sharqia governorate sentenced Tuesday a policeman to five years in prison over charges of harassing a female suspect inside a police truck.

The policeman, 54, deliberately touched the body of the suspect, a 37-year old housewife, inside a police truck, according to the lawsuit, as the housewife was sent for interrogation by the General Prosecution.

Investigations revealed that the policeman committed the sexual crimes mentioned above while the victim was present in a cabinet inside the truck. The forensic report has proved the man guilty after semen was spotted on her clothes.

In August 2014, policeman, Khaled Abdel Rahman, sexually assaulted a 16- year old mentally disabled girl, Shaymaa, inside Giza’s Embaba police station. The surveillance cameras inside the police station have shown Abdel Rahman accompanying the victim to a corner that is out of the cameras coverage.

Female prisoners said they saw the assault through the prison cell window. Subsequently, late General Prosecutor Hisham Barakat ordered the referral of Abdel Rahman to the Criminal Court after the General Prosecution’s investigation revealed enough evidence against the offender.

The Giza Criminal Court sentenced the defendant in May 2015, to life in prison over sexually assaulting Shaymaa.

Sexual assault is commonly defined in Egypt as deliberately touching another person’s body of the opposite sex in a sexual manner against that person’s will.

The Egyptian law regards rape and sexual assault carried out by force or under threat as felony, while it considers sexual assault without using force or threats as offence.
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