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107th ILO Conference adopts standards on harassment at work

Fri, Jun. 8, 2018
CAIRO – 8 June 2018: Egypt has participated in the closing session of the 107th International Labour Organization (ILO) Conference on Friday at the organization's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The session witnessed the adoption of the Report of the Standard Setting Committee on violence and harassment in the work space. More than 5,700 government, employer and worker delegates from the ILO’s 187 member States participated in the discussion of the most pressing issues facing the world of work.

In his closing speech before the conference, Guy Ryder, the director-general of the ILO, said “Thanks to the 5,238 participants for their hard work over the last 2 weeks. Once again, it was the most concrete demonstration that tripartism works.”

“The negotiation of standards on violence and harassment at work has been of great and obvious significance. Unsurprisingly, it was challenging, because what really matters is rarely easy. Yet, this issue is too big for us to fail,” Ryder stressed.

Guy Ryder, the director-general of the International Labour Organization

The conference was attended by 182 countries. All of the countries formed a tripartite delegation of the government, businessmen and workers. Egypt’s delegation was headed by the acting minister of manpower, Mohamed Safaan.

The Egyptian tripartite delegation emphasized during the ILO conference that Egypt is much better than the previous years and is abiding by the international labor standards in all the new labor legislation.

The organization confirmed that Egypt is moving forward in improving the working conditions despite the circumstances it went through in the last period.

On May 23, the director of the ILO Office in Egypt, Peter Van Rooij attended the ceremony of the World Day for Safety and Health in Cairo. His remarks were to increase the training centers and hold several workshops in the area of workers’ safety to ensure following the necessary conditions to protect workers.
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