A terrorist suspect arrested in Sinai_Archive A terrorist suspect arrested in Sinai_Archive

Army arrests terrorist suspect in Central Sinai

Mon, May. 15, 2017
CAIRO – 15 May 2017:Law enforcement forces affiliated to Egypt’s Third Field Army arrested a terrorist suspect Monday, amid intensive military campaign in Central Sinai.

According to army official spokesperson, Tamer el-Refai, the suspect was planning to conduct a terrorist operation in one of the Canal Zone governorates. He has been referred to prosecution for interrogation.

A four-wheel vehicle carrying weapons, ammunition and surveillance devices was seized in Central Sinai by the Third Field Army, Refai stated.

Since 2013, state security forces, represented in both the army and the police, have been engaged in violent clashes with militant Islamist insurgency in parts of North Sinai governorate.

The Islamist insurgency has killed hundreds of Egyptian security forces, predominately in North Sinai. The army also announced it has killed hundreds of militants.
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