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Policeman among ten sentenced to death for killing in Sharkia

Wed, May. 10, 2017
CAIRO – 10 May 2017: Ten convicts were sentenced to death for killing and burning a man in the Sharkia governorate by the Zagazig Criminal Court on Wednesday.

Case documents refer to a 16-year girl in Kafr Sakr Sharkia whose uncle, a policeman, hit the male victim on the head with an iron rod, tying him before dragging him out of the house, killing him and mutilating his body in public.

He then proceeded to tie his corpse to a tree and burn it with nitric acid.

Previously the family of the girl had accused the victim of kidnapping their daughter when she disappeared for a period of 2 days before mysteriously returning home unharmed. On account of this the families of the village decided to hold a customary reconciliation session between the two families involved.

Hours before the session was due to take place it was rumored that the victim was gathering thugs to teach the girl’s family a lesson for their false accusation. Upon hearing this the girl’s family set out for the victims house, kidnapped him and tied him up.
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