The Labor day shield given to Sisi_Archive The Labor day shield given to Sisi_Archive

Sisi receives an honorary Labor Day shield

Mon, May. 1, 2017
CAIRO – 1 May2017: In celebration of Egypt’s Labor Day, Ministry of Finance’s Mint Authority offered President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi the Labor Day shield upon a request from the Egyptian Trade Union Federation Monday.

Mohamed el-Sobki, head of the Mint Authority, said that the department is keen on participating in every year’s Labor Day celebrations by designing a special tailor-made shield to be presented to the president.

The copper dual-faced shield portrays President Sisi’s profile as surrounded by olive branches whose roots are tied to gears. The image symbolizes that nation’s welfare and prosperity only come as a result to work and diligence.

The shield, which is designed by Asmaa Ahmed Obada, is imprinted with a Quranic verse in addition to being engraved with the Labor Union logo.

A special box was designed for the shield that is inscribed with the phrase of “Long Live Egypt” on one side and “in dedication to the President from the Labor Union” on the other.
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