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Court adjourns Morsi's espionage retrial until April 9

Thu, Mar. 8, 2018
CAIRO- 8 March 2018: Cairo Criminal Court postponed the retrial of 22 defendants of the Muslim Brotherhood, including ousted president Mohammed Morsi and supreme guide Mohamed Badei, until April 9, over charges of espionage and divulging classified information about the country's national security.

The delay came to complete unsealing the exhibits of the case.

Morsi and his co-defendants are accused of leaking classified information to the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood abroad, Iranian revolutionary guards leadership, Hamas and Hezbollah about the national security and the Armed Forces with the aim of harming Egypt's army and national interests.

Among the defendants are the former head of Morsi's office, Ahmed Abdel Aati, and secretary Ameen el Serafi.

The classified documents included information on military positions and armament, as well as additional information on the country's policies.

In the first trial, Morsi and 16 others were sentenced to 25 years in jail while MB leader Khairat el Shater and two others were sentenced to death.
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