Pictures from Comprehensive Operation "Sinai 2018" by Egypt's military forces and police CC - Press Photo Pictures from Comprehensive Operation "Sinai 2018" by Egypt's military forces and police CC - Press Photo

Military anthem played at Egypt's schools, universities nationwide

Sun, Mar. 4, 2018
CAIRO – 4 March 2018: The New Cairo Educational Administration issued on Saturday an administrative decision to broadcast the Egyptian thunderbolt anthem “Kalu Aa” “what did they say” at all schools every day in the morning and in the break.

The decision comes to raise the students' spirit of belonging to the country as well as their awareness of the army's sacrifices for the homeland.

"Kalu Aa" anthem speaks of the heroic role of the army's martyrs in the fight against terrorism, in conjunction with the "comprehensive Sinai 2018." Due to its sincere lyrics, the anthem was admired by All Egyptians of different backgrounds and ages.

The students of Cairo University recited the anthem on Saturday as part of their military education course which is a condition for obtaining the certificate of completion of their study at the university.

Also, the students of Port Said schools recite the anthem in the morning line and include information about the Egyptian armed forces in the school radio to support our great army during the comprehensive operation to eradicate terrorism in Central and Northern Sinai.

In the same context, students of Tamiya Preparatory School for Boys, in Fayoum Governorate, happily recite the thunderbolt anthem.

Retired Major Mohamed Tareq al-Wadie, who wrote and composed the anthem "Kalo Aa" said in a television interview on ONE channel, that his friends, the heroes of the armed forces who defend the homeland, are the ones who pushed him to present that anthem.

Wadie pointed out that 20 of his friends performed the anthem in one of the army camps in the desert; he stated, “my greatest ambition when I worked on the anthem was to send it to my colleagues in the Armed Forces to chant it during the suburb and the fitness lines in the units."

On February 9, the Armed Forces launched the "Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018," with the aim to end terrorism in North and Central Sinai, as well as other areas in the Nile Delta and the desert areas in west of the Nile Valley.

The Egyptian navy is playing its role in the “Sinai 2018” operation, protecting Egypt’s mining and oil resources, and training to face any “unconventional” threatening scenarios above and underwater.

On February 22, military spokesperson Tamer al-Refai said that updates on the operation are being communicated to the media via daily statements. He provided a wrap up of two weeks of the operation as follows:

A total of 71 terrorists have been killed and five have been arrested. On the other hand, seven members of the Armed Forces and police have been killed, Refai confirmed, offering his condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers. Six other soldiers have been injured.

Some 1,852 criminals or people suspected of assisting terrorists have been arrested. A large number of them has already been released after investigations proved them innocent, according to Refai.

The air forces destroyed 158 targets, and 413 targets have been destroyed by the artillery. A total of 1,282 terrorist hotbeds and stores have been cleared, in addition to four “media and transmission” centers used by the terrorist groups.

Tons of drugs and explosives have been destroyed, as well as hundreds of vehicles and motorcycles used by the terrorists, Refai said.

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