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Prohibited medicine, drugs at Cairo Airport

Sun, Feb. 18, 2018
CAIRO –18 February 2018: Cairo International Airport released a list of the drugs, substances and medicines that must not be carried by passengers entering or leaving Egypt.

Sources inside the Cairo International Airport stated in press remarks on Saturday that the authorities are regularly distributing leaflets to passengers that contain the list of medicines and substances that passengers are not allowed to possess when leaving Egypt. This because there are many prescribed medicines that are allowed in Egypt but controlled in other countries.

For patients, doctor's prescription should accompany substances that are meant to be brought outside Egypt, the sources stated; adding that the prescribed prohibited drugs must be carried along with prior permission from a doctor and must not exceed 20 tablets. Possession of more than 20 tablets amounts of illegal drugs can be considered drug trafficking.

The list of the illegal drugs includes: Nicocodeine, Didrex Tablets, PROXEN, Mogadon, NITRAZEN, vaccine injections, KETAMINE INJ, Ergotamine, Dextromethorphan, Pulmolar, Co-Diovan, Kodinalin, Somanil, Phenobarbital, Nova Tablets that have an extended effect.

Valinil, Calmepam Tablets, neuril, Valium, Tranxene, LEXOTANI tablets, EN tablets, Xanax, CODASTIN, Codaphen N, somadril, Tussivan N, Korfas tablets, Migranil Tablets, Librax tab and Rivotril Tablets are also on the list.
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