Meshal Bin Fahim Al-Salami, President of the Arab Parliament - Press Photo Meshal Bin Fahim Al-Salami, President of the Arab Parliament - Press Photo

3rd Arab Parliament conference slams Turkish interference in Egypt's internal affairs

Sat, Feb. 10, 2018
CAIRO - 10 February 2018: The Arab Parliament Speaker Meshaal bin Fahm al Salmi said that the third conference of the Arab Parliament condemned the Turkish interference in the affairs of some Arab countries especially Egypt and Libya.

In a press conference following the conference, Salmi stressed that the Arab Parliament backs Egyptian president, government and people in their legitimate war against terrorism.

The parliament supports all the measures taken by Egypt to maintain its national security and fight terrorism, he asserted.

He further underscored that the conference issued five statements, the first dealt with the latest developments in the Arab occupied territories and Al Quds (occupied east Jerusalem), while the second one hailed the role played by the Saudi Arabia in serving the Two Holy Mosques.

The third statement tackles the role of the Arab Parliament in the joint Arab action, while the fourth and fifth ones take up the Iranian and Turkish interference in the internal Arab affairs, he reiterated.

A comprehensive document was issued by the conference on combating terrorism which poses danger to the Arab national security, the speaker said.
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