The Evangelical Church at Doubara Palace, Downtown, Cairo - File photo/By Hussein Talal The Evangelical Church at Doubara Palace, Downtown, Cairo - File photo/By Hussein Talal

Evangelical Community urges world to support Egypt’s battle against terrorism

Fri, Feb. 9, 2018
CAIRO - 9 February 2018: President of Egypt’s Evangelical Community, Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki praised the "Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018" led by the Armed Forces in northern and central Sinai Peninsula to eradicate terrorists’ hotbeds that was launched earlier Friday.

In a press release issued Friday, Zaki, on behalf of Evangelical Community in Egypt, called on the international community to back Egypt in its fierce battle against terrorism, affirming that Egypt has, and will always be the ‘oasis of peace and security’ in the whole world, no matter how much terrorist powers tried to defeat it.

“Egypt is leading a war on behalf of the whole world, thus the whole world should support it,” the statement reads.

Earlier Friday, the army raised the security alert across the nation, especially in Sinai Peninsula and Delta governorates, hours later the army’s spokesperson, Tamer al-Refaey announced the launch of the "

Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018

," in a bid to purge the country from terrorism.

Egypt has been suffering from the bloody terrorist attacks against army and police forces in North Sinai since the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood regime in July 2013, which claimed the lives of hundreds of soldiers and officers.

Egypt's state TV aired on Friday the first footage for the "Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018" that was announced to purge the country from terrorism.

The army released two

video statements

on Friday to announce the launching of the operation, and several attacks targeting terrorists' hideouts and weapons in Northern and Central Sinai.

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