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Killers of Egyptian citizen in U.S. arrested

Sun, Feb. 4, 2018
CAIRO – 4 February 2018: Egyptian Embassy to Washington declared Sunday that U.S. authorities arrested the perpetrators who shot the 28-year-old Egyptian citizen Andrew Samir Mehany Kolta, according to a statement released by the embassy on Sunday.

The embassy said that as a part of its follow-up on the investigations on the killing of Kolta who was dead after suffering from gunshot wounds on January 28, Egyptian Consular to Washington Nader Saad contacted one of his relatives to get further details about the accident and followed up the investigations with U.S. authorities.

The embassy further remarked that it has exerted efforts to accelerate the measures of moving his body to Egypt to be buried, adding it is scheduled that his body will be moved to Egypt on Wednesday.

U.S. authorities arrested three perpetrators who admitted that they killed him while robbing him, according to the embassy’s statement.

The Egyptian Ambassador to the United States Yasser Reda has contacted many officials at the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration including Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram who has followed the recent developments of investigations.

The statement added that Saad has exerted efforts to make Misr El Kheir Foundation bear the cost of moving the body, based on a protocol signed between the foundation and the foreign ministry.

Kolta was found shot next to a car in the parking of the Beacon at Waugh Chapel apartments; then, he was pronounced dead after being transferred to Baltimore-Washington Medical Center hospital.

Approximately 2.7 million Egyptians are living abroad, as estimated by the International Organization for Immigration. These include in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Kuwait, where an estimated 70 percent of Egyptians are living. The other 30 percent are living in Europe and North America (90,000 in Italy, 110,000 in Canada and 318,000 in the United States).
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