Moussa Mostafa Moussa, Chairman of Ghad Party - Press Photo Moussa Mostafa Moussa, Chairman of Ghad Party - Press Photo

Moussa: Structure of elec. campaign to be announced within hours

Wed, Jan. 31, 2018
CAIRO – 31 January 2018: The presidential candidate Moussa Mostafa Moussa told Egypt Today on Wednesday that he will announce the full structure of his campaign within hours.

Moussa added that the process of preparing the final structure of his campaign, choosing the campaign's media spokesman and appointing its representatives in the provinces is underway.

He also added that the leaders of El-Ghad Party and the Arab Tribes Council will be the main members in his campaign; he also stressed that the campaign will operate according to strict rules.

The presidential candidate confirmed in his statement that he will announce his final election program before February 25, and it will be available for citizens to help them make a decision. He also pointed out that the program will include an announcement regarding his presidential team.

Sources told Egypt Today earlier that Mousa received endorsements from 26 Members of Parliament, the majority of whom represent Monufia Governorate, in order to announce his official presidential bid.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and Chairperson of El-Ghad Party Moussa Mostafa Moussa are the only announced potential candidates for the presidential election due in March.

Voting in the 2018 presidential election in Egypt will commence on March 26, as announced by the National Electoral Authority (NEA) on January 8. Sixty million eligible voters will cast their ballots in the election between March 26 and 28 in Egypt, while expatriates will vote between March 16 and 18.
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