FILE - Military spokesperson colonel Tamer al-Refaai FILE - Military spokesperson colonel Tamer al-Refaai

Dangerous Takfiri element killed in Sinai: Military Spokesman

Sat, Jan. 20, 2018
CAIRO - 20 January 2018: An extremely dangerous Takfiri element has been killed by law enforcement forces of Egypt’s Third Field Army in central Sinai, according to military spokesperson, Tamer al-Refaai, in a statement on Saturday.

The Takfiri element possessed a machine gun, a quantity of ammunition, night-vision goggles and communication devices.

The army forces were also able to destroy two four-wheel drive vehicles and a motorcycle that belonged to Takfiri elements, as well as five dens that contained large amounts of administrative equipment, fuel and materials used in manufacturing explosive devices.

A vehicle carrying large quantities of motorcycle parts and materials used to manufacture improvised explosive devices was seized at one of the crossings leadings to central Sinai.

“The Third Field Army forces continue their efforts to eliminate the Takfiri elements in central Sinai,” affirmed the spokesman.

Egypt’s army has conducted a fierce battle against terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula for five years. The peninsula had been a hotbed for terrorists since the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood regime in 2013.
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