FILE - Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Ahmed Abu Zeid FILE - Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Ahmed Abu Zeid

Egypt denounces ‘attempts to strain relations’ with Kuwait

Sat, Jan. 13, 2018
CAIRO – 13 January 2018: Foreign ministry spokesman, Ahmed Abu Zeid denounced an alleged leak that aims to sow discontent between Egypt and Kuwait.

In a statement on Friday, Abu Zeid warned of the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempts to create strife and strain Egypt’s relations with its sister Arab states. He also warned of falling for the known MB media outlets, and the states and entities that are hostile to Egypt.

Abu Zeid affirmed that Egypt highly values and respects its firm relations with the state and people of Kuwait. The bonds between the two countries have been proven historically, the statement read.

Abu Zeid also praised the people of the two states who stand in solidarity with each other in the face of different challenges.

Mekameleen TV aired a leak of an alleged Egyptian intelligence officer Captain Ashraf al-Kholy, directing TV presenter Azmi Megahed to sow discontent between Kuwait and Qatar.

Kuwait is the conflict mediator in the Arab Quartet-Qatar fallout. The four Arab nations: Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, severed their ties with Qatar, accusing the oil-rich state of funding terrorists who target other Arab nations’ peace.
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