FILE – Egypt's General Prosecutor, Nabil Sadek FILE – Egypt's General Prosecutor, Nabil Sadek

General Prosecution orders investigations of church attack

Sat, Dec. 30, 2017

CAIRO – 30 December 2017: General Prosecutor, Nabil Sadek, ordered the National Security sector of the Ministry of Interior to conduct necessary investigations of the terror attack that hit the Martyr Mina church in Helwan, leaving ten dead, including a police personnel, and nine injured.

The General Prosecution ordered the reveal and review of footage captured by surveillance cameras present in the vicinity of the church, including one attached to the store beside the church.

The investigators team is talking to the eye witnesses regarding possible details that could help.

A deadly attack was carried out at a Coptic church in a Cairo suburb on Friday, leaving 10 dead and nine injured.

The church attack took place on Friday morning when two armed men used firearms to target dozens of Christian worshippers attending a religious service, according to a statement by the Ministry of Interior.

According to the statement, attackers opened fire at a household appliances shop, then headed to the church, where they attempted to trespass the church's perimeter security.

The security forces were able to capture one of the attackers after shooting him and managed to defuse an explosive belt that was fastened around the militant's chest, while the other one fled the scene, the Ministry said.
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