General view of the Arab League delegates meeting, Egypt, December 5 -2017 - REUTERS General view of the Arab League delegates meeting, Egypt, December 5 -2017 - REUTERS

Jerusalem, Iran, Houthis among Arab Parliament’s top issues

Thu, Dec. 28, 2017
CAIRO – 28 December 2017: Several issues were discussed during the pan-Arab Parliament session on Thursday named “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine” including the terror threat by Iran’s Houthis.

At the beginning of the session, head of the pan-Arab Parliament Mishal al-Salmi praised the Arab countries' stance against President Donald Trump’s decision of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and considering it as the official capital of Israel.

During the session, the parliament approved a proposed plan by the Palestinian committee to foil Israel's attempt to gain a permanent seat at the United Nation’s Security Council for 2019/2020.

Head of the committee Azzam al-Ahmad said that all of the Arab decisions and stances should be transformed into a realistic policy to support Jerusalem, especially financially.
He affirmed that the American decision will increase the political isolation of the U.S.

The danger of Iran’s Houthis was also discussed during the session. Salmi stressed that Iran’s continuous interference in Arab affairs causes other states and countries to reduce their diplomatic relations with it.

Salmi also discussed the current situations in Libya, Yemen and Iraq. He said that the political solution would be the only successful choice for these countries.

Sudanese Member of Parliament Abdel Rahman Saeed thanked the Arab Parliament during his speech for the efforts made to remove his country from the US foreign department's list of terrorism sponsoring states. However, he said that there is still more to do in this matter to improve his country’s economic status.
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