Al-Rawdah Mosque in North Sinai hit by terrorist attack on November 24, 2017 - Press photo Al-Rawdah Mosque in North Sinai hit by terrorist attack on November 24, 2017 - Press photo

Tahta, Jahina Archdiocese offer LE 10,000 to Al-Rawdah mosque

Wed, Nov. 29, 2017
CAIRO – 29 November 2017: Archdiocese of Tahta and Jahina, Sohag , offer LE 10,000 to restorate Al-Rawdah mosque in Al-Arish Governornate, said Sohag Governor Ayman Abdel Monem on Wednesday.

He said that this contribution is clear evidence for the love and fraternity amongst different religious communities who stand united with the police and the army to combat terrorism.

“The 'Tahia Masr Fund' provides North Sinai with LE 185 million ($10 million) to improve the health services and investments in education," declared Mohamed Ashmawy, the executive director of the Tahia Masr Fund on Wednesday.

The fund aims to develop infrastructure through supporting Al-Arish hospitals, nine schools and Azhar institutes in Rafah, Arish and Sheikh Zweid.

In addition, the fund has supported projects that aim to empower women by establishing centers that provide women with training courses in the handicraft industry, allocating markets for them to sell their products, and constructing small farms for families.

The Minister of Housing, Utilities, and New Urban Communities Mostafa Madbouly held a meeting on Sunday with the ministers of social solidarity and health, the North Sinai governor and representatives of Al-Orman Charity Association and Red Crescent, to mobilize support for the families of the victims of the recent Al-Arish terrorist attack.

They have agreed that LE 10,000 ($564.40) and LE 5,000 will be dispensed as compensation to the family of each worshiper whose life has been claimed and each injured victim, respectively.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity is conducting research on social data of the Rawdah village to ensure that basic needs are met, to provide job opportunities for villagers and to set up small projects suitable for the economic activities of the region.
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