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Amr El-Ata: Criminal groups use human trafficking for evil plans

Tue, Nov. 28, 2017
CAIRO – 28 November 2017: Egypt's Unnited Nations (UN) Permanent Representative Ambassador Amr Abo El-Ata denounced the violations committed by criminal groups against a number of immigrants and refugees while attempting to cross Libyan territories to Europe.

“Egypt asserts its full rejection of all transgressions against immigrants and exposing them to slavery and human trafficking in total absence of the minimum level of humanity and civilized values,” added El-Ata.

Terrorist groups exploit the current conflicts in the region and the absence of power and law to achieve territorial gains.

Egypt appreciates the Libyan Presidential Council's decision to investigate accustations and reports, and hold those found guilty responsible for their crimes.
Egypt also considers the occurrence of such serious violations against human rights a consequence of failed policies of some states in dealing with the issue of immigration.

Some states close down their boarders to prevent African immigrants and those fleeing conflicts from entering. In addition, refugees and displaces people are often pushed into origin and transit countries, which endangers them to fall prey to human trafficking gangs.

Egypt aims at improving international cooperation in the battle against human trafficking, and demands to handle the complex illegal immigration phenomenon with care and consideration.

This would entail a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration economic, social, political, and security causes whether in origin, transit, or destination countries.

In this context, Egypt also welcomes the UN Security Council's (UNSC) unanimous adoption of Resolution 2388 regarding human trafficking during conflicts. It represents an important step towards escalating international efforts against any transgressions or criminal practices in this regard.
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