Al Azhar Undersecretary Abbas Shoman - File Photo Al Azhar Undersecretary Abbas Shoman - File Photo

Azhar Deputy asserts continuation of reforming education

Wed, Nov. 1, 2017
CAIRO - 1 November 2017: Al Azhar Deputy Sheikh Abbas Shoman stressed Wednesday that Al Azhar is working on developing and reforming the education under Grand Imam of Al Azhar Ahmed El Tayyeb.

In a speech before the forum of Azhar education quality, Shoman said that over the past years pre-university Azhar curricula had been updated and the university curricula are being reviewed and developed, pointing out that Al Azhar leads a large campaign aimed at controlling the educational process in the institutes.

Meanwhile, Head of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education Johansen Eid said the Azhari education is one of the international aspects of the Egyptian education, adding that Al Azhar is responsible for spreading the right Islamic thought and maintaining the Arab and Islamic identity.
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