MP Ihab el-Kholy – File Photo MP Ihab el-Kholy – File Photo

MP: Emergency Law targets terrorists, not civilians

Sun, Oct. 22, 2017
CAIRO - 22 October 2017: Parliamentarian Ihab el-Kholy, member of House of Representatives’ Legislation Committee, defended the extension of state of emergency for further three months, saying that it concerns going after terrorists, not citizens.

“The state emergency was not extended to bother normal citizens,” Kholy told TV program ’90 Minutes,’ adding that the law will allow security apparatuses to go through its fight against terrorism.

Kholy affirmed that citizens in Egypt are subject to civil laws aside from the Emergency Law, revealing that Egypt defends the humanity by its war against terrorism, which needs more strict measures.

Egyptian security forces faced a deadly attack at Al-Wahat Al-Bahareya in Western Desert on Friday, which led to the death of 16 officers and injury of 13 others.
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