Photo Sisi’s meeting with Education Minister - Photo File. Photo Sisi’s meeting with Education Minister - Photo File.

Outcomes of Sisi's meeting with Egyptian Education Minister

Wed, Oct. 18, 2017
CAIRO - 18 October 2017: Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met on Wednesday with Egyptian Minister of Education Dr. Tareq Shawqi to discuss ways to develop the educational system in Egypt, among other issues.

Presidency spokesperson Ambassador Alaa Yousef said that Shawqi presented his comprehensive vision during the convened meeting to develop the Egyptian educational system. Shawqi suggested adopting modern techniques and advanced approaches that conform to the international educational standards worldwide.

In this context, the education minister introduced the exerted efforts to establish the Japanese schools in Egypt so as to start work by the beginning of the academic year. He pointed out that the Japanese schools will contribute to build the students’ personalities and enable them to compete and excel in all aspects of innovation and production.

On his part, Sisi gave directions to form a specialized committee of professors in sociology, psychology, mathematics and languages to select the appropriate students and teachers for Japanese schools to guarantee that these schools will achieve the desired results.
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