Photo of Prime Minister Sherif Ismail photo file   Photo of Prime Minister Sherif Ismail photo file

Egyptian Government 'We Eliminated 98% of mosquitoes causing Dengue Fever'

Mon, Oct. 16, 2017
CAIRO – 16 October 2017: Gen. Ahmed Abdullah, Governor of the Red Sea governorate, said that Prime Minister Sherif Ismail followed up the taken procedures and exerted efforts to eliminate dengue fever in Qusair City, confirming that the government eradicated 98 % of mosquito swarms causing the fever infection.

In a press conference at the premises of the Egyptian Cabinet, Abdullah pointed out that the number of cases hospitalized in the Red Sea governorate until Sunday have only reached 5 cases.

Earlier last week, the Red Sea governorate set up preventive measures to curb the spread of mosquito-borne dengue virus in cities of Al-Quseir, Safaga and Hurghada.

For further intensified anti-Dengue mosquito measures, the governor of the Red Sea briefed concerned water and sanitation companies on the importance of constantly cleaning water reservoirs and water-holding containers, giving strict directives to the hospitals to rise of its staff’s awareness on dealing with any potential infected cases.
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