Muslin Brotherhood leader dissociates himself – File Photo Muslin Brotherhood leader dissociates himself – File Photo

Another member dissociates himself from Muslim Brotherhood

Thu, Oct. 12, 2017
CAIRO – 12 October 2017: Abdel Samee’ Al Sayed ‘Aafr, a Muslin Brotherhood leader, dissociated himself from the group; writing and hanging a panel on Thursday near his residence in Gharbia governorate that states he does not belong to the organization anymore, as “terrorism does not have a religion.”

This is the eighth incident in which a member of the Brotherhood leaves the organization in Gharbia governorate, Egypt.

One of the members that left the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Kamal Farouk who also lives in Gharbia, Egypt, denounced the violence and chaos the Brotherhood incites.

Since Egypt began considering the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization after ousting President Mohammed Morsi, many members left the organization, feeling ashamed.

In addition, the organization faced many losses and is suffering many internal problems. In February 2015, youth in the organization held an internal election, dividing the Muslim Brotherhood into two groups with two different leaders.
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