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Sisi establishes electoral commission

Wed, Oct. 11, 2017
CAIRO - 11October 2017: The National Electoral Authority formed according to a presidential decree on Tuesday. President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi issued national decree no. 503 of 2017 concerning the formation of the board of directors of the national commission for elections.

Headed by Lashin Ibrahim Mohamed, Vice-President of the Court of Cassation, the board will be responsible for presidential elections, parliament and local councils.

After reviewing the law, the decree stipulated that the Board of Directors of the National Electoral Authority will be headed by Chancellor Lashin Ibrahim and Chancellor Mahmoud Mohamed Helmy Ahmed El Sherif, vice-president of the Court of Cassation, and Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel Hamid Soliman, president of the Cairo Appeals Court, and Khaled Yoused Ibrahim, deputy of the Administrative Prosecution Authority, among others.

The role of the National Electoral Authority will include the ability to issue decisions regulating its work, abide by laws, regulations and the internationally recognized rules when implementing elections, prepare the database of voters which conform to the data of national identity numbers and update, amend, and review the said date periodically.

Tasks of the board also include inviting voters to surveys at poll stations according to a time table, taking into account the cases stipulated in the constitution, opening the door to nominate and specify the dates of the procedures, documents and papers required to be submitted at the time of nomination, in addition to numerous other tasks.
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