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Pro-Sisi hashtag trends on Twitter for 2nd day in Egypt

Sun, Sep. 24, 2017
CAIRO – 24 September 2017: For the second day in a row, a pro-Sisi hashtag calling for supporting him for another presidential term is trending on Twitter in Egypt.

A numerous large number of users posted their support to for President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi running for a second term in office office, which is due to convene in 2018, using the a hashtag that , which translates to “ “weto "weWe will re-elect al-Sisi”.”

An Egyptian Twitter user said, “Aa man of the world and challenged the world and fought terrorism and destroyed the plan to divide the Arab region.”

Some users posted President President Sisi’s accomplishments during his first tenure.; @ Nena _Zaki posted that in his first tenure, tThe latest roads and infrastructure, that have not happened beenwhich were neglected taken care of in Egypt since for ages, are build built now to facilitate enhance Egyptian investment and the Egyptian economy.. Long live Egypt

Hassan tweeted, “Sisi crosses takes our the path to our development ... We support Sisi for a second term.”

Hussein Kamal tweeted, “I will relectre-elect Sisi as he is the one who raised the voice of Egypt and returned preserved its dignity.”

This is not the first time Twitter users showed their support for Sisi running for a second presidential term. In April, another hashtag in support of Sisi also trended on Twitter.

Sisi has not yet announced that he will be running for a second term, but many popular voices have been calling for him to run for another four years.

In August, the Italian news agency, ANSA, reported that Sisi is most likely going to win the Egyptian presidential elections in 2018 after his first four years of leadership during the difficult circumstances that Egypt is going through.

The Modern Egypt party headed by Nabil Da’bas launched the initiative, “The Year of Sisi,” which primarily calls 2018 a year to return the favor to Sisi by re-electing him.

Furthermore, the expat Egyptian Youth Union announced their support to Sisi through the campaign, “Your Sons and Daughters aAre Withwith You, President.” The expat youth urged Sisi to run for a second term to complete the development process that he initiated in Egypt.

Sisi was elected in 2014 with a 96.94 percent of total votes. Elections are expected to take place in 2018, the second presidential election since the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood.
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