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Qatar revokes the nationality of 55 citizens

Thu, Sep. 14, 2017
CAIRO – 14 September 2017: Qatar revoked the nationality of 55 of its citizens as they belong to the opposition, according to the Saudi National Human Rights Organization. Among these are Sheikh Taleb bin Mohamed bin Lahoum bin Sherim, other members of his family, and members of Al Morra tribe.

Those citizens who had become stateless include 18 women, and children, according to the organization.

(Note to editor: that part is an extract from an article published on Egypt Today)
The Qatari population consists of several tribes. One of the most important tribes in Qatar is Al-Mora who refuted the coup de palais assumed by the former Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani against his father Sheikh Khalifa bin-Hamad Al-Thani in 1996.

Leaders of Al-Mora tribe stated to press that all tribes who refuted the coup were intimidated and harassed by the former ruler and his son Sheikh Tamin bin-Hamad Al-Thani who also conducted a coup de palais against his father in 2013.

In a meeting held mid-June between Al-Mora leaders’ delegation in Saudi Arabia and the Crown Prince Mohamed bin-Salman, the 40 delegation members expressed their support to the boycott decision denying the Qatari regime’s acts which led to the deterioration of Saudi-Qatari bilateral relations since the 1996 coup.

Tribe leaders manifested their discontent upon the regime’s resorting to Iran and Turkey for military protection.

As a reaction to the 1996 coup, a number of elite tribes and military leaders in Qatar attempted to conduct a coup against Sheikh Hamad but failed. As a result, a great number of Al-Mora leaders were imprisoned and tortured for long time, and their nationalities were revoked. Other tribe members were banned from joining the civil service sector and the army.
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