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60% of depression patients consider suicide: Dr. Naji

Mon, Sep. 11, 2017
CAIRO – 11 September 2017: Egyptian psychiatric expert Dr. Hatem Naji warned against symptoms of depression that may appear in parents and transfer to children genetically.

"Research and scientific studies indicate that if a parent has severe depressive symptoms, it is likely to happen to 10 -13 percent of children who are susceptible to depression through genetic inheritance," said Dr. Hatem Naji, head of psychiatric department at the General Administration of Mental Health.

In an interview on Set El Hosn show airing at ON TV Channel, Naji warned of the increasing numbers of depression patients: "60 percent of people with major depressive fits think of committing suicide, while 15 percent of the infected patients are likely to consider suicide.”

Speaking of overcoming symptoms of depression, Naji said that the person suffering from depression should feel cared for by his family and friends. He added that when the patient senses and finds those who give them due care, it makes them closer to their families and friends, leading them to give up the idea of suicide.

He concluded his talk by stressing that the issue is critical and cannot be taken lightly as "suicide begins with an idea and a sense, then develops into suicidal behavior."
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