Tamim and Bahrain demonstrations in 2011 Tamim and Bahrain demonstrations in 2011

Bahrain unveils new evidence against Qatari regime

Tue, Aug. 29, 2017
CAIRO – 29 August 2017: The Kingdom of Bahrain revealed in its latest report on Tuesday a Qatari conspiracy against Manama and presented new evidence that proves Qatari involvement in the 2011 events in Bahrain.

After seven years of the Qatari regime funding and supporting terrorism all over the Arab world, the Kingdom of Bahrain exposed Qatar’s machinations and found that Qatar interfered in its affairs since the events of 2011.

The report pointed out that the Qatari regime interfered through more than one body, as following:

1. Al Jazeera, considered a media outlet for terrorists and extremists and funding suspicious organizations and academics.

2. The Qatari regime launched fake accounts on social media to stir up trouble in Bahrain through a comprehensive plan to destroy the whole region.

3. Qatari official bodies like the Emiri Diwan, the Emiri Guard and the Qatari Interior Ministry intensively founded fake websites and blogs calling for chaos and attacking the social structure to escalate the situation in Bahrain in 2011.

4. The report revealed a recorded voice call of high-ranking Qatari officials with Turkish officials and the opposition to commit acts of sabotage and terrorism.

fake Qatari social media accounts against Bahrain
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