Photo of Al Warraq riots - photo file Photo of Al Warraq riots - photo file

Release of 8 Persons arrested in Al-Warraq Riots

Tue, Aug. 22, 2017
CAIRO - 22 August 2017: Release of 8 persons arrested during the clashes of Al Warraq who faced charges against resisting the campaign removing land violations on the Island.

North Giza Court decided to grant a release for 8 persons based on proof of domicile pending investigations against the charges of causing riots in Al Warraq events. The said persons were arrested and faced rioting charges during the campaign to remove land violations on Al Warraq Island. The ninth accused did not attend the court session for being hospitalized.

The Northern Giza Prosecution headed by Counselor Mustafa Barakat charged the defendants with assaulting staff members while performing their duties, resisting the authorities, possessing weapons and ammunition and attacking the police officers.

The encroachment on the Island is not the first. In January 2015, the Ministry of Irrigation launched a national campaign titled “Save the Nile,” aiming to remove all encroachments placed on the Nile River. Since the launch of the campaign, a total of 26,651 encroachments in violation were seized.
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