Houthi rebels - File photo Houthi rebels - File photo

Houthi rebels impeding army's advance by mines

Sun, Aug. 13, 2017
TAIZ - Yemen - 13 August 2017: Houthi rebels and supporters of ousted president Ali Abdallah Saleh have planted mines to impede the Yemeni army's advance and cut supply lines between western and eastern fronts, a Yemeni military source said on Saturday.

"Ongoing military operations will not stop until the western front is liberated," the source was quoted local media as saying.

"The aim to link Taiz with the port city Mocha and to end the siege imposed the the city," the source said. He asserted that the militants have suffered heavy losses.

Meantime, senior Yemeni military officials met to discuss the advance made by the army on all fronts as well as the developments of the fighting.

The top brass stressed that more efforts are exerted to liberate the city from the militants.
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