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Surgery gets 39 nails out of patient’s stomach

Fri, Aug. 11, 2017
CAIRO – 11 August 2017: An Egyptian surgeon conducted a very weird surgery operation to a patient to bring out of his stomach 39 nails, a lighter and a nail clipper he had previously swallowed.

The surgeon, Abdel-Rahman Moustafa, said that news of the operation went viral on the social media platforms and he received many phone calls and messages inquiring about the weird operation.

The patient, a 30-year-old, had severe pain in his stomach when he reached hospital before he submitted to a-three hour surgery , according to doctor Moustafa.

The surgeon cited the patient’s relatives saying that he used to swallow solid matters as he is psychopath, clarifying that the nails caused damages to his stomach.

Doctor Moustafa added that the operation was successfully conducted, noting that the hospital he is working for, al- Kasr Al Ainy, had received many weird cases similar to this one.

He gave an example of a patient who was a prisoner and swallowed a cell phone in a plastic bag, thinking it would be easy to bring it back up from his stomach through his mouth to use in prison, a matter which the surgeon said could never happen.

Doctor Moustafa continued telling about the weird cases saying that a bullet was picked out of a prisoner’s stomach.

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